Every good FRC robotics team needs to have a good business plan to succeed. That is why we link a template below to help you create your own business plan. 

Executive Summary

MakeShift Robotics (FIRST Robotics team 4039) is located in Hamilton, Ontario at St. Mary Catholic Secondary School. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of technology leaders. Each year we partner thirty-five high school and elementary school students with adult professionals, giving them the opportunity to work together in an environment that allows students to learn valuable skills and apply it to robots. The depth of the team experience and the effect we have on our community is what sets our team apart.
As the word “makeshift” implies, we design and build within our financial and technical means, while also working to expand them. We feel a responsibility to ensure this program continues at our school and grows in our community so future students may have the same experience. Our business plan evolves with our growing community, and ensures sustainability and growth for future years.  This year our steering committee reviewed our purpose to find our “why” to support our communications with sponsors and supporters.

Measures of Success and SWOT

Team Orginization