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Swerve Wheels

Over the 2023 off-season and 2024 Crescendo build season, MakeShift Robotics has been developing 100% 3D printed TPU Swerve wheels.

Printed purely from 95A TPU filament, these Swerve wheels have been tested throughout an entire competition season on our 2024 robot: REVERB.

In an attempt to develop a cost effective and recyclable alternative to the tread on FRC Swerve modules, MakeShift has produced a solution that maximizes longevity throughout an event, without compromising on traction or grip under acceleration.

Although the wheels are on their 20th revision so far, we are still not prepared to make the Onshape CAD public at this time. However, we do plan to make a file for the tread available here on our website and on our Blue Alliance page as soon possible, so check back soon!

For more information, or to learn more about how we designed this, please get in touch using the Contact Us form.

As seen on: Behind The Bumpers

Limelight Sunglasses

To download the 3D printable limelight sunglasses for the Limelight 3, visit the Onshape page here.

Models for other limelight versions are in progress.

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