Neurodivergent of FIRST

Neurodivergent of FIRST (NDoF) is an organization within the FIRST community that educates the community about students, mentors, alumni, and volunteers who fall under the neurodivergent umbrella (i.e., Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, OCD, Tourettes, etc.), along with advocating a safe environment for these individuals. NDoF was founded by Eva True (Team 461) in 2018, with the goal of spreading awareness about neurodivergent individuals.

In 2023, MakeShift partnered with NDoF as a Bronze Tier Partner. Our team has spread the word about NDoF during the off-season STEMley Cup 2023. MakeShift is currently in the midst of developing a Mobile Quiet Room Booth to bring to the two ONT District Events, Newmarket and North Bay. The booth will allow students who need some quiet time to hop into a soundproof room.

Want to learn more about NDoF? Take a look at the official website here.

The Mobile Quiet Room

Sketch Up

Final Product