Who is CRuSH

CRuSH is our can-crushing recycling promoting robot. In order to promote recycling, MakeShift partnered with Novelis to create an outreach robot capable of crushing standard size (355 mL) aluminum beverage cans. CRuSH is designed to use standard FRC components such as RoboRio, CIM Motors, and a Pneumatic System.

Where has CRuSH been?

CRuSH has made appearances in the community at events such as the ONT Provincial Championships 2022-23, FIRST Championships 2022-23, the Canadian National Exhibition, Elementary School BBQs, Sidewalk Science, and a local golf tournament.

How did we make CRuSH?

We are melting down the crushed cans to cast trophies for our off-season event, the STEMley Cup, as well as robot parts for next year’s robot. We designed, manufactured, and programmed CRuSH during the 2022-23 FRC Season CHARGED UP Presented by HAAS.

How can I make a can-crushing robot like CRuSH?

If you are interested in building your own can-crushing robot, we would be happy to share the CAD model and code with you. Please contact us here.