Our Outreach

Provincial Championship Tours

During the 2023 and 2024 Ontario District Provincial Championships, MakeShift robotics facilitated and provided tours of the pits and the First Robotics Competition venue.

Students from accross school boards and grades were given opportunities to learn about STEM and the FIRST community.

Local Parades and Festivals

MakeShift has always taken up the opportunity to participate in parades and festivals around our area. 

Not only is it exciting for the crowd to see one of our robots in action and the MakeShift Robotics team, but is also a great way to spread the word about our team and the FIRST organization. 

Recently we have participated in the Dundas Cactus Parade and the Santa Claus Parade.

Sidewalk Science

At our local Dundas Driving Park, MakeShift Robotics prompts kids to write down their science-related questions on the sidewalk in chalk, and to come back throughout the week to find their questions answered.

This interactive approach encourages kids to think about the science behind the world around them, and promotes more learning about robotics and what we do at MakeShift Robotics.

Robots Rule

MakeShift has been joining other FRC Teams across Ontario in interactive robot demonstrations at the Ontario Science Center.

The Ontario Science Centre is an amazing opportunity to inspire visitors with the technology and teamwork that has been put into our robots. 

These demonstrations are a great way to excite new students about FIRST and promote the impact that the FIRST community can have.

FTC Anybot

 Following the example of the FRC Everybot, our team did a similar FTC build. As soon as the FTC game is posted, the game is analyzed
and an effective robot is created & shared to assist other teams in their season. Anybot is our FTC version with a simple design to build a robot with minimal resources to get maximum points.

The Anybot is a great training ground for new members of any team. All parts can be found in the Studica kits of parts.

This robot is easy to assemble so it is a good starting point for rookie teams. We also posted the CAD for inspiration. 

STEMley Cup Championship

During the FRC off-season, MakeShift Robotics 4039 and Celt-X 5046 host the STEMley Cup Championship:

Rookie FRC teams get an opportunity to experience FRC competition before the “real” season starts. Encouraging the pairing of veteran teams with rookie teams allows the rookies to get the most out of this learning experience.

Providing the Hamilton community and surrounding area with a thorough demonstration of the power of FIRST: changing the culture by inspiring our future technology leaders.

Learn more at the STEMley Cup Website: stemleycup.ca

More Outreach:

Hamilton Mini Maker Fair

MakeShift has been attending the Hamilton Mini Maker Fair held at the Hamilton Steam Museum.

Terry Fox Run

Our robot and team has raised sponsors and joined in on the walk and run in September.

Ancaster Fair

In the fall MakeShift’s robot and team put on a demonstration at the Ancaster Fair. 

School Barbeques

MakeShift regularly attends open house events and school BBQ’s for the St.Mary CSS feeder schools and elemntray schools in the area. This is a great way to spread the word of FIRST and our team by encouraging students to join their FLL teams and one day MakeShift.

Summer Camps

MakeShift provides sessions for different age groups for summer camps when requested. Developed the curriculum for Camp Waterdown, sessions at the YMCA day camp and University of Guelph STEM camp.

COVID Support

In summer of 2020 we made and delivered face shields for St. Joseph’s Hospital and Nursing homes, masks, and Hand Therapy borders for St. Joseph’s Hospital Hand Therapy department.

For even more information on our Outreach and the impact MakeShift Robotics has on our community and on FIRST, you can read our 2024 FIRST IMPACT Award Essay here.