Our team has lots of talented students and mentors! Our team would not be the same without the effort of our amazing students and mentors. On this page we went around our team and asked them to give some information about themselves! Would you like to meet them? 

The Students

Adam C.

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Aidan W.

I am a grade 12 student and I joined the team October of 2022. I am part of the mechanical sub-team.

Aiden S.

My name is Aiden and I am in grade 12. I am part of the mechanical sub-team and joining the team has taught me so much about engineering and the engineering process.

Ben R.

I am a Grade 12 student and I joined the team for the 2018-2019 season. My current role on the team is team co-lead and I am also the main driver for the robot.

Cameron J.

I am a Grade 10 student and I joined the team in October of 2022. I primarily run errands and work on the robot. 

Crystal C.

Hi! I’m in Grade 10. My role currently is Impact Presenter and Awards Sub-team Lead! I was Operator in this years FTC game as well! Good luck all teams this year!

Datsun B.

I am a Grade 10 student. I joined the team in 2022-2023 season. I am the website sub-team lead and also sometimes post on the Social Media.

James G.

I am in Grade 12 currently and I joined the team during the 2020-2021 season. This is my fourth year on the team. I’ve spent all my time in the mechanical sub-team, and I am the technician on the robot.

James S.

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Jessica C.

I am a Grade 11 student and joined the team during the 2021-2022 season. I am mostly part of the mechanical part of the team. I also help in presenting for Impact and I am a part of the drive team.

Keynan M.

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Zoe S.

Hello, hello! My name is Zoe, and I am in Grade 13 (I’m in my victory lap year currently). I made my debut to MakeShift during the 2019-20 INFINITE RECHARGE season. I do a wide variety of things for the team and I was one of the two Scout Leads for the 2022-23 CHARGED UP Season.

Lily O.

I am a Grade 11 student and I have been on the team for 2 years, I joined in October 2021. My role on the team is a mechanical assembler, manufacturer, and fabricator.

Maggie S.

I am a Grade 11 student, and I joined the team in 2021. I enjoy learning about the mechanical aspect of the team, and I give most of my time to the Impact Sub-Team!

Maisy T.

I am in Grade 10 and this is my third year on the team. I am a programmer.

Marios A.

I am a grade 11 student at St Mary. I joined this team October 2021 and have loved my experience here! My main role on this team is to deal with sponsorships to help grow team 4039. Also I help cut and assemble parts on the robot.

Ryan P.

Hello, I am a Grade 10 student joined in November of 2022! My role is working on a variety of different tasks on the team, consisting of gathering parts and assembling a practice field! I hope for the success of all teams this season!

Sierra T.

Hello, I am a Grade 11 student. I have been on the team since 2021. I am the co-team lead and I mainly work on mechanical stuff for the robot.

Tabitha L.

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Wyatt D.

I am a Grade 13 student at St Mary CSS and joined the team at the end of 2022. I am the Electrical Sub-Team Lead.

Zachary M.

I am a Grade 11 student who joined the team in 2022. I am currently the sub-team lead for Teleoperated programming.

Gab T.

Bonjour. I am a professional child (clearance level 9) who