Our Students

Our team has lots of talented students and mentors! MakeShift Robotics would not be the same without the effort of our amazing students and mentors.  Here are our student leadership and team members for the 2024 CRESCENDO season:

Adam C

Operator, Pivot Sub-Team Lead

Adelia C

Scouting Team

Aidan W

Electrical Sub-Team Lead

Aiden S

Drivebase Sub-Team Lead

Ben R

Driver, Shooter Sub-Team Lead

Cameron J

Engineering Notebook Sub-Team Lead

Crystal C

Social Media Sub-Team Lead

Datsun B

Website Sub-Team Lead

Gabriel T

Controls & Scouting Team

Isaiah S

Pneumatics Sub-Team Lead

James G

Technician, Intake Sub-Team Lead

James S

Scouting Team

Jessica C

Team Lead, Human Player

Keynan M

Safety Captain

Kieran K

Pit Crew

Lily O

Mech & Scouting Team

Maisy T

Software Sub-Team Lead

Nathan S

Electrical & Scouting Team

Rowan S

Climber Sub-Team Lead

Ryan P

Awards & Scouting Team

Sierra T

Scouting and Strategy Sub-Team Lead

Tabitha L

Awards Sub-Team Lead

Tia D

Scouting Team

Wyatt D

Team Lead, Media

Zachary M

Software Sub-Team Lead

Zoe S

NDoF Sub-Team Lead

Our Mentors

We cannot thank our amazing mentors enough for what they do, without their support and dedication MakeShift would not be the competitive and impactful team we are today!

Alton Stead

NDoF Quiet Room Project Manager

Angela Tollis

Impact Mentor, Alumni

Ben Alderson

Programming Mentor, Alumni

Blake McFadden

Controls Mentor

Darwin Witty

Mechanical Mentor

Hughes Myner

Mechanical Mentor, Sponsorships

Janet Linton

Event Logistics

Jenn Ward

Mechanical & Strategy Mentor

Lucas Woolfe

Programming Consultant, Alumni

Marco Sienna

Programming Mentor

Matt Alderson

Lead Mentor, WFFA

Matt Ciprietti

Teacher Mentor

Miguel Lopez

Mechanical Consultant, Dean's List Semi-Finalist, Alumni

Monica Alderson

Lead Impact Mentor

Mattward Glanfield

Remote Programming & Strategy Consultant

Noah Linton

Mechanical Mentor, Drivecoach, Alumni

Pablo Cafiso

Programming Mentor

Paul Dube

Mechanical Mentor

Rick Thomas

Mechanical Mentor

Sam Milicia

Strategy Consultant

Sarah Alderson

Mechanical Mentor, Lead Strategist, Dean's List Finalist, Alumni

Steve Jacka

Programming Mentor

Travis Madill

Programming Mentor, Alumni

Vincent Lombardi

Electrical Mentor, Alumni