About Our Team

MakeShift’s Mission: In a team environment, allow student team members to work alongside adult professionals to experience the agony and thrills of a science and technology career in the pursuit of a competitive student-built robot.

Our students work alongside adult mentors from industry, learning state of the art skills in design, fabrication, electronics, and coding in the pursuit of a competitive robot. They go on to become engineers, programmers, astrophysicists, and more.

Just as importantly, our team’s continual outreach activities in the community are sparking the imagination of children and attract them to STEM fields. We pride ourselves on shifting the perception; letting kids know that learning science and math can be fun and that kids who use their brain are the coolest kids of all.


Individuals impacted throughout our teams history, and counting


First Robotics Competition match wins


Robots built by our team to compete in FRC events


First Robotics Competition event wins


First Robotics Competition IMPACT Award wins


Imagery Award in honour of Jack Kamen wins


Woodie Flowers Finalist Award Wins – Matt Alderson


MakeShift Robotics’ rookie year in the FIRST Robotics Competition