Role of Parent on Makeshift

The success of the MakeShift experience for the student team members depends in large part upon the dedication of the adult team members. Thank you for the gift of your time.  Parents are an integral part of our team and a key factor in the motivation and dedication of their child. Supporting their son or daughter in all aspects of their team involvement is key to the students getting the most out of their MakeShift experience. 

Parents are expected to:

  • Provide timely transportation for the student to meetings and competitions. Parents are expected to have the student at the designated location at the prescribed time.
  • Support student’s communication with the team about other commitments and how to arrange responsibilities
  • Advise the team Lead Mentor of any student medical condition which may affect his/her participation on the team
  • Provide accurate emergency contact information
  • Come into portable when picking up your student to ensure everyone’s safety
  • Assist with fundraising


During Pre-Build Season

  • Attend all parent meetings
  • Attend individualized portable orientation to prepare for supervision shift
  • Provide one 1 hour of supervision pre-season during a meeting to support mentors work at minimum
  • Contribute their knowledge, advice and their time working alongside students on team activities as frequently as possible


During Build Season

  • Visit our pre-bag-and-tag Open House
  • Provide, on a turn basis, a hot meal for working dinners during extended build sessions and stay during the meal
  • Each family to provide one 1 hour of supervision pre-season during a meeting to support mentors work at minimum


During Competition Season

  • Attend competitions where possible and cheer for our team
  • When attending, support car pools and meals for students.  Participate with other parents to chaperone students while at the event
  • Communicate with those arranging events regarding event participation, complete forms 



MakeShift’s Parent’s Group “MPG”
Every parent having a child on the team is automatically a member of the MakeShift Parent’s Group or
“MPG”. Among other things the MPG organizes social outings for the team during pre-season, ensures
the team gets fed during build season, coordinates meals/transportation/accommodation for our events,
and meets socially throughout the year. Parents not actively mentoring the team are strongly encouraged
get involved with MPG.