FIRST Robotics Canada – information about FIRST at all levels in Canada.

St. Mary Catholic Secondary – Mentoring HWCDSB FLL teams

Chief Delphi – open forums on all things FRC

The Blue Alliance – FRC match videos and team stats

watch FIRST now – more FRC match videos

Team 1114 – “Kitbot on Steroids” and other handy items

McMaster Engineering – where a lot of our mentors spend their free time

Sample Business Plan

MakeShift‘s 2015 Scouting Sheet

Hamilton Robodrome – please contact us to come for a robot play date.

Chairman’s Submissions
2015 – click for video
2018 – click for video



  • Gracious Professionalism

    • a MakeShift guide to what it is and how it is expressed competitions

  • Kick-Off and structured problem solving

    • a MakeShift guide to kick-off and planning for the seasons competition

  • Safety training

    • a MakeShift list of basic safety protocols for hand tool use, power tool use, chemicals, at the competition, and being around the robot

  • Scouting

    • a MakeShift guide explaining scouting, including what to look for when selecting teams during the alliance selection

  • Outreach (Girls aRe Brilliant)

    • Shifting equality in STEM the MakeShift way:
      how to start and run your own Girls aRe Brilliant (GRB) campaign

Awards training

  • Awards training

    • a MakeShift guide to the various awards available to FRC teams

  • Business plan

    • a MakeShift guide to making a business plan, with some examples


  • Introduction

    • some basics of electricity, including voltage and power.

  • Power

    • a MakeShift guide to the robot’s power system (pre-2015 season)

  • Signals

    • a MakeShift guide to the robot’s signal system, including the digital sidecar and solenoids (pre-2015 season)

  • Motor controllers

    • list and description of the strengths and uses for various motor controllers

  • Tools

    • description of the various tools available for use when working with electronic components

  • Cable management

    • a MakeShift guide to organizing all the cables and wires on the robot


  • Drive train

    • a MakeShift guide to the robot drive trains including typical speeds, types of wheels, and transmission options

  • Pneumatics

    • basic theory and practice of pneumatics as used in FRC