occupation: Science Teacher

need bio


occupation: Professional Engineer

Engineering Manager at Cimcorp Automation, former FLL coach, overly tall hat


occupation: Occupational Engineer

need bio


occupation: Industrial Millwright

need bio


occupation: Math and Computer Science Teacher

need bio

macMentor Corey

4th year Mechatronics

2056 alumni, need bio

macMentor Mattward

graduate studies

365 alumni, need bio

macMentor Martin

fourth year Mechatronics

1305 alumni, need bio

macMentor Mike (aka Ivan)

first year Engineering

MakeShift alumni – driver 2012 to 2014

macMentor Jamie

third year Electrical Engineering

610 alumni, need bio


first year Computer Science at Queen’s

MakeShift alumni – controls lead 2011 to 2014

MakeShift is always looking to enhance the student experience by adding mentors.  If you are interested please contact us by e-mail at [email protected]