MakeShift‘s History

MakeShift’s roots lie in the formation of a FIRST Lego League team in Waterdown more than a decade ago. Our lead mentor, a professional engineer, happened by the Waterloo FRC competition to see what FIRST was about. He was immediately hooked by the energy and excitement of hundreds of amazing young adults. That September he founded Guardian Angels Robot Force (GARF), a team which has competed successfully in FIRST LEGO League (FLL) for over a decade. Seeing the impact that FLL had on his team members, he wanted his graduating Roboteers and other students to have the opportunity to participate in FIRST at the High School level.  In September 2011 a wonderful science teacher at St. Mary took on the challenge and MakeShift was born.  The team started in a small abandoned storage portable behind the school with twelve students…


The most important part of what we do. 

It takes a lot of teamwork to run a FIRST team – take a look at how we organize our MakeShift family to make things run smoothly!

Team Members

Meet our current team!


There are important values that are passed down from Shifter to Shifter – check them out!

These are more than just robots. 

It’s not the about the banners or the medals, but the space between them. These spaces represent the years of hard work and dedication of the students, the communities changed, and the perceptions shifted.

Meet MakeShift‘s game-changers and earth-shakers. They have made the Shift.